urban plan for two building blocks in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. A&G also made the architectural design for the western block.

Amsterdam, NL

urban plan for approx. 1200 apartments
architectural design for 343 dwellings for starters and students (21 - 55 m²)

client: De Key
structural Engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek
building fysics: Wolf en Dikken

Landscape architect: Bureau BplusB

Delflandpleinbuurt Amsterdam, NL


These two perimeter blocks will form a campus for approximately 1,200 students and starters. Unlike traditional housing blocks this project has front facades on all sides due to the large number of small dwellings. On the south side of the project we place two openings in the blocks facing each other, thus creating a connection between the two. Where these openings meet we place a café, a wash-atelier and a gym for different sports. In the east-west direction a connection is made through two gates in the building block.

A part in the western block was already under construction (architect Toverstralen). We complete this block in a quiet, residential way. We make a distinction within the block towards the outer formal street, and a more intimate street within the block. This creates several different buildings with a large number of different typologies. In some apartments we make extra height, to give room to a sleeping space on top of a bathroom.

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