refurbishment and extension of the rowing club de Hoop

Amsterdam, NL

new dressing rooms
new fitness room

extension of 1600 m²

design: 2001-2009
completion: 2010


Rowing club De Hoop

The club house of Royal Amsterdam Rowing and Sail club De Hoop, dating from 1953, needed to be renovated and expanded. An excellent opportunity to re-evaluate the whole building.

We re-arranged all the functions and traffic spaces to establish a perfect match between existing and new. The two volumes that form the ‘society’ (the bar annex ball room annex banquet room) can now be connected to form one large hall that can host up to 500 people. But both spaces can also function independently, and for different usergroups at the same time. During winter some parts of the building are not used, and locked from the rest of the building. The parts of the building that are then being used by a smaller number of people, have a cosier atmosphere because no one experiences the locked up parts.

The rowing club house has monument status, which brings obligations. We have succeeded in continuing en updating the existing building’s form language by Auke Komter (1952), whereby respect for the existing coexists with a clear, functional expansion. The monumental qualities have been strengthened while the building now meets again the demands of today. Sometimes unorthodox and inventive solutions were found, like the dressing rooms below the water of the river Amstel with the rowing hall on top. This construction created an unobstructed view from the terrace overlooking the Amstel, where in the old situated the dressing rooms were blocking the view.

The result: one of Amsterdams’ finest terraces (and a lot of new members)!

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