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AG works with BIM


Revit software
3B applictaion


AG models all projects 3D in Revit

Our aim is to create simple, buildable and user friendly buildings with a fresh character.
Our design process combines intelligent design and informed development. We combine daring and fun with efficiency and expertise. And we like to get it right the first time. Therefore we have spent the last 15 years developing our designs through both drawings and models. As a result, once good 3D software (Revit) became available, our transition from 2D to 3D was very smooth. In the past four years we have gained extensive experience with BIM at all stages of the design process.
We love the creative teamwork which comes from working closely with our partners in the design and construction process. BIM is an excellent way to improve communication within the team. In our projects we work together with consultants and contractors in integrated 3D models. Using BIM in a structured manner with pre-agreed procedures gives contractors the  confidence to use our BIM model for their calculations, schedules and even procurement. This form of cooperation provides a clear and successful process achieving even better results.

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