14/10 Lieven nominated for Zuiderkerkprijs 2020!




We are proud to announce that Lieven is one of the three nominees for the Zuiderkerk Prize 2020! Each year the prize is awarded to the best housing project in Amsterdam. Lieven is an ambitious project in which a wide variety of small-scale housing typologies come together in a campus-like setting.

As a result of the ongoing pressure on the housing market in large cities, new-build homes are decreasing. Hence, other demands are required for the living environment. In this project it was therefore especially challenging to design attractive dwellings as well as to create a pleasant environment with a communal garden, public square and facilities which form an added value to the houses. Within the project, 40 dwellings have been assigned to young artist. For them to be able to exhibit their work, the launderette can be used as a gallery.

One typology especially stands out. In these compact dwellings, sleeping and living have been combined in a creative and innovative way. The extra ground to ceiling height made it possible to place the bedroom above the bathroom, thus creating a spacious feeling and pleasant separation from the living room area.

The commissioner of the project, De Key, is proud to see how the end result presents itself as an example for other social housing projects. According to Eelco Siersemo, Real Estate Director at De Key; “The purpose of De Key is to offer young people the opportunity to take their first steps into the housing market of Amsterdam. If we stick to nautical terms, we consider Lieven as our flagship project. Affordable, social rental dwellings for a particular target group in a high-quality building. An impulse for, yet still in balance with the immediate environment.”

You can find more information about Lieven on our project page.

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