14/12: Wiener&Co wins the Zuiderkerkprijs!




Our project Wiener & Co has won the ‘Zuiderkerkprijs’ 2017. This award is given every year to the best new residential project realized in Amsterdam. Wiener & Co consists of 76 dwellings, including 14 family houses with their own private jetty in the ‘Oostenburgergracht,’ which was formerly known for the launching of VOC ships.

The five buildings are arranged around two communal courtyards. These are designed by landscape architect Hanneke Kijne from bureau Hosper. Together with our client Heijmans Vastgoed, we have worked six years on this beautiful challenging project in the city centre of Amsterdam. We are very proud to be awarded with this magnificent price.

From the jury report:

‘A jewel for the historic city center of Amsterdam: Wiener & Co impresses in every way. Not least because of the perseverance of the project team that has worked for many years on the realization of this complex. The surprising design, the successful ‘infill’ in the inner city, the interaction between architecture and landscape, and the courage of buyers: Wiener & Co is a magnificent winner of the Zuiderkerkprijs 2017.’

Commentary from Floor Arons en Arnoud Gelauff:

We are very pleased to win this prize after such a long and intensive process. Wiener & Co is not just a housing project: we have added a really pleasant place to the city. Wiener & Co proves that it is possible to integrate modern architecture in the (historical) inner city. From day one, the relationship with the water and the accessibility of the water was an important theme in the design. It’s wonderful that the residents are now united in the ‘Wiener swimming club’ for their weekly swim around Oostenburg.

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