07/01 Pontsteiger nominated for the EUMiesAward 22!

We are proud to announce that our Pontsteiger has been nominated for the European Union Mies van der Rohe Award 2022! Every two years the prize is awarded by the European Union in collboration with the Fundació Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona.

From the EUMiesAward website; ‘The Prize objectives aim at promoting and understanding the significance of quality and reflecting the complexity of Architecture’s own significance in terms of technological, constructional, social, economic, cultural and aesthetic achievements.

Architecture’s significance —linked with the construction market— has a social Impact and transmits a cultural message. Quality therefore refers to universal values of generic buildings, independent from their programmes: the essence of things rather than their formal values.’


04/01 De Kwekerij under construction

With great excitement we look forward to 2021 as our first project in Utrecht will be completed. The construction of De Kwekerij started in the fall of 2020 and has an extremely short time period of only 14 months. Once completed, the project will provide 244 dwellings.

More information can be found on our project website, and the website of our client Jebber.


14/10 Lieven nominated for Zuiderkerkprijs 2020!

We are proud to announce that Lieven is one of the three nominees for the Zuiderkerk Prize 2020! Each year the prize is awarded to the best housing project in Amsterdam. Lieven is an ambitious project in which a wide variety of small-scale housing typologies come together in a campus-like setting.

As a result of the ongoing pressure on the housing market in large cities, new-build homes are decreasing. Hence, other demands are required for the living environment. In this project it was therefore especially challenging to design attractive dwellings as well as to create a pleasant environment with a communal garden, public square and facilities which form an added value to the houses. Within the project, 40 dwellings have been assigned to young artist. For them to be able to exhibit their work, the launderette can be used as a gallery.

One typology especially stands out. In these compact dwellings, sleeping and living have been combined in a creative and innovative way. The extra ground to ceiling height made it possible to place the bedroom above the bathroom, thus creating a spacious feeling and pleasant separation from the living room area.

The commissioner of the project, De Key, is proud to see how the end result presents itself as an example for other social housing projects. According to Eelco Siersemo, Real Estate Director at De Key; “The purpose of De Key is to offer young people the opportunity to take their first steps into the housing market of Amsterdam. If we stick to nautical terms, we consider Lieven as our flagship project. Affordable, social rental dwellings for a particular target group in a high-quality building. An impulse for, yet still in balance with the immediate environment.”

You can find more information about Lieven on our project page.


12/8 Pontsteiger nominated for Staalbouwprijs 2020

The Pontsteiger has been nominated for the National Steel Construction Award 2020 in the category housing. This iconic building represents a master test in its engineering by Van Rossum and execution by Buiting Staalbouw, Dura Vermeerd and MJ de Nijs. The Pontsteiger is characterized by two slender 60 meter towers that frame the view of the river. The towers carry a bridge, spanning over 48 meters and rising to a height of 92 meters above the city. Building with steel gave Arons and Gelauff Architects the opportunity to design apartments with a maximum flexibility. Hence, the future owners specific preferences could be taken into consideration and accomplished, resulting in a wide variety of apartments. The winner of the biennial will be announced on October 13th 2020.


13/3 Pontsteiger nominated for Gouden A.A.P.

Pontsteiger is nominated for the “Gouden A.A.P.” 2020! The “Amsterdamse Architectuur Prijs” is awarded to the architect and client of the best new building project of the city. Pontsteiger is one of the 10 nominees. The winner will be announced on the 16th of April. You can find more information about Pontsteiger on our project page.


16/12 Lloydpier construction starts

Today the construction of our project, along the Kratonkade in Rotterdam, has started. The complete block is designed in collaboration with Architectuur Maken. Arons en Gelauff designed the town houses along Loods Borneo, and the loft dwellings along the Kratonkade. In the center of the block Hosper designed a lush garden. This inspired our client Blauwhoed to brand the project as the Eden district. More background information on the project can be found here.


09/12 Zuidblok completed

On the 7th of November the last phase of our project in Amsterdam Nieuw-West was completed. Zuidblok contains 343 apartments for students and starters, varying in size from studio’s of 21 m² to portico apartments of 55 m². Unlike traditional housing blocks this project has front facades on all sides due to the large number of small dwellings. The courtyard of Zuidblok is designed by B+B and is currently under construction. You can find more information about this project here.


25/11 Pontsteiger nominated for Zuiderkerkprijs!

We are proud to announce that Ponsteiger is one of three projects that are nominated for the Zuiderkerkprijs 2019. The Zuiderkerkprijs is given each year to the best housing project in Amsterdam. The winner will be announced on the 12th of December.


14/05 Heroes completed

Our three terraced apartment buildings on Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam are completed. Het Parool wrote a nice review: ‘To keep the apartmant blocks light, the facades have setbacks on several places. Super-expensive and plus-size is combined with cheap and small. The result feels by no means forced. In fact, these three light yellow towers, erected in wasserstrich stones, will leave you in a sunny mood.’

More extensive information about Blok 10 can be found on our project page.


03/01 AG designs two blocks in Bajeskwartier

The Bijlmerbajes, a former prison complex in the east of Amsterdam, will be partially demolished and transformed into a new living and working area. The masterplan is made by OMA. Arons & Gelauff is asked to design two building blocks. Block D will contain approximately 250 dwellings and a small communal health center, block KLM will contain approximately 150 dwellings and will be designed in collaboration with Civic architects.

image courtesy: OMA


22/10 Team Pontsteiger world champion BIM in Tokyo!

From 85 participants worldwide, the BIM model of Pontsteiger won the buildingSMART award for construction. The contractors DuraVermeer and De Nijs used the BIM model of Arons & Gelauff in preparation of the construction phase, during the construction phase. They used and enriched the BIM model, which made it an indispensable building tool in the construction shack and on site.


30/05 Family & Friends day Pontsteiger

Last Sunday Pontsteiger opened its doors for the family and friends of the involved parties. This family day was organized because Pontsteiger is nearing its completion. On this sunny day the people involved with the project got the chance to show their families around the project. On the 24th floor, a stunning view of Amsterdam was awaiting.


29/05 Funenhof completed

Our project of eight family houses in the centre of Amsterdam, next to the Funenpark, is completed. All dwellings face a communal courtyard, which was designed by Hosper landscape architecture. The courtyard is a shared space with the inhabitants of an old school building on the other side of the garden. Click here to see more of our project:



22/02: AG wins tender in Rotterdam!

Arons en Gelauff has won a tender for the Lloydpier in Rotterdam. We were commissioned by our client Blauwhoed to make the first design in collaboration with architecture office Architectuur Maken and landscape office Hosper. 88 Dwellings, with a wide variety of typologies, are placed around a garden with fully grown greenery. On top of the block facing the Schiehaven, we placed three eye catchers; three custom-made roof villas with a magnificent view on the river Maas and the city of Rotterdam.



14/12: Wiener&Co wins the Zuiderkerkprijs!

Our project Wiener & Co has won the ‘Zuiderkerkprijs’ 2017. This award is given every year to the best new residential project realized in Amsterdam. Wiener & Co consists of 76 dwellings, including 14 family houses with their own private jetty in the ‘Oostenburgergracht,’ which was formerly known for the launching of VOC ships.

The five buildings are arranged around two communal courtyards. These are designed by landscape architect Hanneke Kijne from bureau Hosper. Together with our client Heijmans Vastgoed, we have worked six years on this beautiful challenging project in the city centre of Amsterdam. We are very proud to be awarded with this magnificent price.

From the jury report:

‘A jewel for the historic city center of Amsterdam: Wiener & Co impresses in every way. Not least because of the perseverance of the project team that has worked for many years on the realization of this complex. The surprising design, the successful ‘infill’ in the inner city, the interaction between architecture and landscape, and the courage of buyers: Wiener & Co is a magnificent winner of the Zuiderkerkprijs 2017.’

Commentary from Floor Arons en Arnoud Gelauff:

We are very pleased to win this prize after such a long and intensive process. Wiener & Co is not just a housing project: we have added a really pleasant place to the city. Wiener & Co proves that it is possible to integrate modern architecture in the (historical) inner city. From day one, the relationship with the water and the accessibility of the water was an important theme in the design. It’s wonderful that the residents are now united in the ‘Wiener swimming club’ for their weekly swim around Oostenburg.


07/12 ‘Het Parool’ interviewt AG

Vrijdag 8 december wordt het hoogste punt van Pontsteiger bereikt. Naar aanleiding van deze feestelijke gebeurtenis publiceerde ‘Het Parool’ zaterdag 2 december een interview met Floor Arons en Arnoud Gelauff over een veranderende stad en zijn nieuwe icoon aan het IJ. Via onderstaande link is het interview terug te lezen;


30/10: Wiener&Co nominated for the Zuiderkerkprijs!

Wiener&Co is nominated for the Zuiderkerkprijs! A&G has made the urban and architectural design for 70 dwellings and 30 parking spaces. The outdoor space is designed by HOSPER landscape architecture. The award ceremony is on the 6th of December.


20/10: Funenhof highest point

Our project ‘Funenhof’ in Amsterdam has reached its highest point. This was a good reason for a modest celebration at the building site together with the future residents and the contractor VINK bouw. Funenhof comprises eight dwellings around a small courtyard close to the Funenpark.


15/06: Wiener&Co completion celebration

Today we celebrate the completion of our project Wiener&Co in Amsterdam. A&G has made the urban and architectural design for 70 dwellings and 30 parking spaces. The outdoor space is designed by HOSPER landscape architecture. Luuk Kramer has made some beautiful photographs.


18/04: Heroes ground breaking ceremony

This week we celebrate the fact that our project ‘Heroes’ on Zeeburgereiland is under construction. The three stepped housing blocks contain 158 apartments, including 28 penthouses with a terrace orientated on the beautiful IJ-lake and the green scenery of Waterland. The completion of Heroes is expected in 2019.


14/04: Zuidblok

In 2017 this project with 343 apartments for students and starters will be built for our client De Key.This building block in Amsterdam Nieuw-West will have the character of a campus, with an emphasis on the public space and the shared facilities. Unlike traditional housing blocks this project has front facades on all sides due to the large number of small dwellings.


19/08: Wiener&Co tops out


Our project in the city centre of Amsterdam is currently under cosntruction. While the scaffolds are being removed, the gold and silver shines bright in the August sun.


11/05: Skylinenext second phase ready

skylinenext klein

This summer residents will be handed keys to their new appartments in Skylinext, our high density project near the city center of Leiden


09/12: Pontsteiger Ground breaking ceremony

This week we celebrate the fact that Pontsteiger is under construction. Landmaking is finished and we are currently drilling poles (up to 48 metres deep). Meanwhile the facade is being produced in Groningen. 347.698 Glaced tiles are being cast into prefabricated elements. Construction will be finished in spring 2018.


10/09: Tetris Buildings


In 2016 this project for 166 appartments will be built on Zeeburgereiland for our client Synchroon. The three buildings have a terraced section to mediate between the urban parc on the south and the low-rise single family houses on the north side of the plot.



08/11: Breaking ground Wiener & Co

news-2014Wiener-002The eighth of November start of construction for project Wiener & Co was celebrated at the building site. In two years this project for 74 apartments will be completed. Special feature are 14 houses with a private jetty. See here for more info.


25/03: Pontsteiger breaking ground summer 2015


The Combination of Dura Vermeer and De Nijs  is going to built our design for Pontsteiger in 2015. Further details please link to Houthaven.


14/11: AG wins competition Bouwcampus Delft

news-2013BWCArons and Gelauff Architects have won the competition for the so called Bouwcampus. The ‘Bouwcampus’ is home to several research institutes around the innovation of buildingpractice and will be located in the former building of Rijkswaterstaat on the Campus of the TU Delft late 2014.

Several companies and organisations involved with all kinds of aspects of innovation will be housed in the existing office wings. On the ground floor, the former laboratories of Rijkwaterstaat will be used as meeting and conference center.
Bouwcampus is an initiative of Rijksgebouwendienst, Rijkswaterstaat and Bouwend Nederland. For further information:



01/11 AG to design skylinenext

news-2013NL3,4-1Through an intensive ‘pressure cooker’ workshop with Portaal and ERA Contour, we designed a project for app. 120 appartments in Nieuw Leyden. Future Inhabitants are invited to share their ideas about the project.



19/08: Arnoud Gelauff lectures @Monash

news-2013-Space of Ageing Public Lecture Poster

Next week Tuesday 27 Arnoud Gelauff will lecture at the Monash University, Australia on the subject of elderly housing.

Date: Tuesday 27th August 2013
Time: 5.30-7.30pm
Location: MADA Lecture Theatre G1.04
Building G, Ground Floor
Monash University Caulfield Campus
900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield Eas


31/07: AG to design block 54 on IJburg


After an invited competition, AG was contracted to design block 54 on IJburg, Amsterdam. The block will consist of app.100 apartments and a carefacility for client De Alliantie and stichting Cordaan.


02/06: Social Housing Jacob Geel

AG selected for 36 apartments in Jacob Geelbuurt, Amsterdam.De Alliantie housing corporation is starting renovation of this part of


23/04: AG selected for competition in Bordeaux


Together with Bandapar, AG has been chosen by developer Nacarat in France as one of 3 candidates for the design of 150 apartments in Résidence du Lac, Bordeaux. The other candidates are Bruno Rollet and Lemerou Architecture. The competition is part of the 50.000 logements project, issued by LACUB. The aim is to seek for innovative, yet accessible housing for the fast growing city of Bordeaux.


11/03: Exhibition Berlin

news-2013EBA-1Our project for container housing in Berlin will be exhibited in the “F37” gallery in Berlin Charlottenburg from 27/03.


01/03: collaboration with BANDAPAR

bandapar_logo noirBordeaux is facing an enormous challenge when it comes to housing. AG architects and Bandapar have formed an ‘FRANCONEERLANDAIS’ alliance to add value to these specific questions. Bandapar is a young french office, with a dutch background. AG is a dutch office with extensive experience in the field of complex, urban housing.
With offices in Bordeaux, Paris and Amsterdam we are able to react to local issues with an experienced background.


01/02: Movie Spoorzone

news-2012Spoorzone-1LUUK KRAMER made a beatifull small movie about our last year finished Spoorzone project.


14/12: BIM model Wiener finished

THIS WEEK WE finished the BIM model for Wiener & CO project. With 78 houses in more than 30 different types, with a parking for 64 places, and with a beautiful garden designed by HOSPER, this was a real and nice challenge. Ground breaking envisioned second half of next year.


10/10: Blijvenburg nominated for prize


THE FIRST PHASE Blijvenburg has been nominated for the Rotterdam architecture prize 2012. People living in Rotterdam can vote here


08/10: Housing the Crowd, Jakarta

18 OCT. ’12 TILL 7 NOV.’12  exhibition on Dutch Social Housing in Jakarta, Indonesia

Providing affordable housing is one of the most important challenges in a rapidly urbanizing country like Indonesia. Designing social housing is never an easy task. The Netherlands has its long-learned experience. The term’s connotation to boring lowquality structures and unattractive slabs have pushed creative Dutch architects who had a chance to design social housing- to do their best to design exciting buildings that do not look like social housing, within budget.

Two of our projects, Nieuw Leyden blok 7 and the Entree Alkmaar, will be exhibited.




23-09: Exhibition@Beijing Design Week

20-SEPT’12 TILL 8 OCT’12, the NAi-VANKE matchmaking project Housing with a mission is being exhibited during the Beijing Design Week @ CAFA University.


20-07: NL-7 Start building November

END OF NOVEMBER groundbreaking ceremony will take place for this fresh housing block in the city of Leiden, the Netherlands.

The project is part of a new housing area next to the city centre.

This housing block ends a field of single-family houses and stands as a free object in a new to built park. The programme asks for 42 social housing apartments and 20 parking places. Special feature of this building is the sculptural balcony facade on the south side of the building.



10-07: Europan NL in danger

THE DUTCH EUROPAN received  news several weeks ago that the subsidy application submitted to The Netherlands Architecture Fund had been rejected. This could mean an abrupt end to what has been an tremendous stimulus for young Dutch architects.

To support Europan we contributed to a small movie that expresses the importance of Europan.


14-06: From perspective to 3D

Ponsteiger is part of an exhibition on the development of architectural drawings in the ABC Architectuurcentrum Haarlem. Images of the project are shown to explain the design development of the project with the use of 3D software. The 28th of June the ABC Architectuurcentrum will organise a debat on the current status of BIM software and future developments.


06-06: Floor Arons speaks @ Provada

Chain-integration has become the latest fashion in project development in the Netherlands. Our project Nieuw Leyden blok 7 is a fully integrated process from scratch. Floor Arons takes part in a debate on the pro’s and con’s.


20-03: Vivir con aqua

March 20 and 21th our project Pontsteiger is part of an exhibition ‘Vivir con Agua’ in Mexico City. This is organized by the Dutch Ambassy to enhance the collaboration between both countries on the subject of water.


20-03: Who’s afraid of Red, Yellow and Alkmaar

The Geert Groteplein in Alkmaar is gradually colouring red while our building is being finished.


01-03 Award Bienale Shenzhen

The exhibition ‘Housing with a Mission’ received a special Award for best Pavilion. The project was considered to be the most meanigful for the chinese architecture practice.View our project for Hui Long Guan in Beijing.


16-01: Boat-Houses for Amsterdam

End of 2011 Arons and Gelauff architects presented their design for the location of Wiener & Co to the public and politicians. This former factory site in the innercity of Amsterdam is waiting years already for new developments. Arons and Gelauff made a plan for 70 houses on this beautful location in close collaboration with client Heijmans Vastgoed and the people living in this area.


02-01: Shenzhen Biennale

On december 7th, the Hongkong and Shenzhen biennale on architecture and urbanism opened. The Dutch pavillion is co-hosted by the Netherlands Architecture institute and China’s largest real estate
developer VANKE as a first result of the China – Holland MatchMaking project. The project ‘housing with a mission’ is designed as a coproduction by five Chinese* and five Dutch** architectural offices and aims at building 1000 dwellings for the ‘Ant Tribe’ in Beijing. This is the Chinese name for the generation of millions of young graduates who live in cramped conditions in the outskirts of cities and work in low-paid jobs.
The design of the aronsgelauff project started from the interior. Sophisticated flexible fixtures can adapt to changing use of space. The bed slides underneath the lounge, the kitchen unfolds to a dining
table, the kitchenbench and wardrobe shelving are all rectractable. In the double floor of the the tiny balcony the AC device is stowed. Construction starts at the end of next year.
*CN:Standard Architecture, Urbanus, O-Office, Node and CAFA.
**NL: aronsgelauff, Next, KCAP. NL architects and Barcode.