Two of a kind


two industrial housing blocks are part of a range of projects along this canal in Purmerend

Purmerend, NL

Number of houses: 42.
Client: Wooncompagnie Hoorn.
Berkhout Tros Bouwadviseurs, Alkmaar
Installations: Earth energie advies, Utrecht.
Contractor: Mulder Obdam

completion: 2011

Purmerend, NL


The two apartment buildings for the elderly along the North Holland Canal on the edge of Purmerend are part of a planning sequence. That series is made up of residential buildings in three different sizes that alternate.
Low compact patio homes, medium apartment buildings of four layers and senior apartment buildings of eight layers. By these three scales alternately in the green zone along the water to place creates a relaxed living environment that refers to the industrial past of the area with quite a view from the rear area to the water and vice versa.
The apartments are designed as all-sided buildings without backs that almost naturally in green lie. Bright and spacious entrance hall with carefully designed storage clusters determine the ground.
The low residential building is parallel to the water and is designed as a split-level. This creates a beautiful elevator/staircase with a lot of contact between the different floors. On the roof is a common, sheltered terrace for residents.
The living rooms of the houses are oriented diagonally, with spacious balconies on the corners. The materials of this building, reddish colored steel elements of expanded metal, chosen for their design of the section to reinforce.
The high-rise residential building is an extension of the adjacent park with glass gables with large cantilevered balconies that offer views over the neighborhood and across the water. The white masonry from existing long facade folds itself around the building and ends in an expressive brick canopy just above the entrance on the ground floor.
Aluminum and brick are the main materials.

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