Sound Proof


urban plan and architectural development for five buildings along a railway

Amsterdam, NL

250 dwellings

completion: 2010

Amsterdam, NL


The ‘Spoorzone’ (railway zone) is immediately adjacent to the circular railway line in Amsterdam Slotervaart / Overtoomseveld. The only street along the plot is the Ottho Heldringstraat that runs along the long side westward. A continuous wall has been requested for the Heldringstraat – housing on top of business accommodation. The greatest section of the programme is the high-rise apartments on the eastward side (the railway side) of the plot. These have to protect the district behind them from the noise of the trains.

Five architect firms gave their vision of how a large and diverse programme could be realised at this location afflicted by excessive noise. Our proposal was accepted unanimously. Five separate building blocks instead of one continuous strand yield a solution for the requirements of this location that is equally inventive and logical.

Little side streets slope upwards between the five separate modules. They link the street with the lift lobbies belonging to the high rises. A built-up parking road runs under the blocks on the railway side. The shop fronts of the business accommodation are situated on the Ottho Heldringstraat. These can receive supplies at the back, via their own parking street. The roof gardens are located on top of the ground floor storey for utilities. Dwellings attached to a garden are situated here. Above this, the real high rise starts with apartments turned towards the view.

Arons and Gelauff developed the roughly two hundred dwellings, parking garage and commercial spaces. Peter Defesche (OD205) designed the nursing home/care centre.

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