Siamese Twin


66 apartments for social housing and market housing.

IJburg, Amstedam NL

34 apartments social housing
32 apartments market housing (rent)

client: Synchroon
contractor: ERA Contour

photo's: Luuk Kramer


IJburg Amsterdam, NL

Block 20, high rise

Two small towers join into an elegant block bordering one of the main streets of IJburg. Both designed for rent (one social and one market) the blocks are omni-directional. Flanked with abundant balconies that run all over the building in angular shapes, the volumes play with vertical and horizontal accents. The architecture is derived from using two diamond shapes put together. The balconies play with the ground shape by going in and out. Using standardized products for windows, bricks and balconies on these more complicated shapes, causes what we call ‘joy in repetition’.

The spectacular view over the IJ-lake is visible from every apartment. In height one block is lifted to create the entrance of the market housing on the site of the canal.

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