design for a modern city court and a turnout post

Dordrecht, NL

16 family houses (150 m²)
8 lofts (144 - 197 m²)
4 mansions (175 m²)

Fire department, turnout post 1500 m²

Client: Dudok
Engineer: IMd
Installation consultancy company: KVMC
Building physics: Blonk Advies
Landscape architect: More Landscape

Oranjepark Dordrecht, NL

Dordrecht Fire Department

Located on the former site of the fire station in Dordrecht, we have designed a modern city court. The program consists out of 16 family dwellings, 8 lofts and 4 townhouses. At the far end of the plan along the Oranjepark, a small turnout post for the safety region can be found.


Throughout the centuries, beautiful courtyard houses have found their existence in Dordrecht. The most recent examples date back from the 19th century such as De Hallinghof and De Vereeniging which were designed by architect de Veth. The urban planner of the project approached us with the question whether we could redefine and introduce this typology in the neighborhood to improve the quality of living. The plot which was assigned to us can be interpreted as straight and elongated, parallel to the dwellings on the opposite side of the road. In collaboration with Hanneke Kijne from More Landscape we aimed for an entirely green and rainproof court.

The existing structure of the old factory has partly been re-used for the new dwellings. The beautiful natural daylight from above lightens up the entire building, allowing one to design unique layouts.

The parking spaces are situated behind the loft houses. The reused steel trusses remain in place for the installation of the solar panels. An additional four houses – including a working space – are situated along the Dubbeldamseweg Noord which is connected to the court.

Shed roofs

In the plan we have used the existing shed roofs as a leading theme for the design of the courtyard houses. As a result a “hood” is formed in the wooden façade, providing one with shade and privacy. Through the use of red and orange bricks on the outer edges, the façade blends in with its environment.


The fire station takes up the theme of the sawtooth in the courtyard. Hence, the curvature in the road is resolved and the shed roofs are orientated in such a way that a maximum energy yield can be obtained from the roof surface.




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