tender entry for a sustainable and circular icon in newtown sluisbuurt

Amsterdam, Zeeburgereiland

design in collaboration with DOOR architects
clients: bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen B.V. en Hoorne Vastgoed

110 dwellings (55-125 m²)
1100 m² collective work/living space
900 m² hospitality
1400 m² supermarket
parking garage with 55 spaces


Amsterdam, NL


NOAH – future life
At times, one has thought about something which can’t be left unshared. This is what we have experienced over the past months. Together we have developed a different perspective on living and working in the future: NOAH [].

Sun on your skin
We appreciate the energy of the sun. In fact, we prefer to spend our time outside. In NOAH you live inside, as well as outside. The balconies form an energy façade and the photovoltaic panels are orientated at a perfect angle. Hence, making them invisible from the ground floor and avoiding the creation of a dark and shiny building. [BENG 2: -20].

Silence for the city
As more and more people live together in the city, unexpected encounters occur which we are very fond of. However, people need places in which they can distance themselves and experience the state of calmness. NOAH offers this. On the rooftop gardens and in the collective ‘green reading room’ residents can experience the motion of delay. Not only are the wooden ceilings under the balconies beautiful to the eye from the street, but they also absorb the ambient noise. NOAH offers silence to the city.

Less wood please!
In an ideal situation the building would be constructed out of timber, however using the least amount of trees per building. Hence, we will combine a wooden column grid with beams and dry hollow floors. This will ensure future flexibility in function, size and installations.

Flexible living
In NOAH one decides for themselves how they live and work. Across time, the modular dwellings can be assembled vertically and horizontally. This way an efficient loft house or vertical villa can be created throughout different stages of one’s life.

Flourishing encounters
One is becoming more aware of a healthy work-life balance in which working from home is an essential part. NOAH is a future forerunner of this. Close to home you will find a wide range of (non-)working spaces which are spread throughout the entire building. Whether you need to withdraw yourself inside a phone pod or present a pitch on the main stairs, NOAH is there for whoever is passionate and an achiever.

Come and taste!
A forest full of currants, walnuts and cherries. A meadow full of sunflower seeds, thyme, camomile and poppies. An orchard full of berries, apples, prunes and pears. NOAH embraces this entirely. Unwinding in the green environment takes on a new dimension. De rooftop gardens and façades are an explosion of flavours and scents. Natures cycles have deliberately been settled nearby.

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