architectural design for a housing block with 89 dwellings in collaboration with Architectuur Maken

Rotterdam, NL

parking garage;
103 pp
89 storage units

89 dwellings in total, AG designed;
7 city houses (180 m²)
11 two-floor houses (105-120 m²)
36 loft-style apartments (100-150 m²)
3 rooftop penthouses (150 - 210 m²)

design made in collaboration with Architectuur Maken and Hosper Landscape architecture

client: Blauwhoed
contractor: Stebru bouw

Lloydpier Rotterdam, NL

Eden District

In collaboration with ‘Architectuur Maken,’ we designed a housing block on the Lloydpier in Rotterdam. The Rotterdam municpality gave our project the 1st prize in 2018. Construction will start in the summer of 2019.

Harbour character

The enclosed garden in the centre of the block has a strong contrast in comparison to the industrial character of the quays with its wide views over the river Maas. Along the water of the Schiehaven we create a vertically segmentated building with a classical division: a plinth, a middle section, and top part.

The plinth of the block is filled with ground bound family houses. These houses have a front garden which connects them to the quay and the street level. The apartments in the middle section are orientated along the water. This widens the beautiful views on the water, and integrates these views more with the living experience of these apartments. On the roof we placed three characteristic ‘penthouse villa’s,’ each of these villa’s will be designed in collaboration with the future inhabitants.

The houses on Loods Bali and Loods Borneo will get a bay window on the first floor to give them a view on the Maas river. These family houses have a private parking space and storage space in their basement, connected to the collective parking garage.

With three gates and 34 family houses directly connected to the street, the block has a strong connection to its surroundings and creates a lively atmosphere on street level. On top of the parking garage, 1 meter above the street, we created a pleasant inbetween space with elevated gardens and spacious staircases where the inhabitants can have their morning coffe, or place some potted plants.

Recycling and sustainability

Lloydpier will be materialized in brick, copper and concrete. The bricks will consist of at least 50% recycled materials, and the copper will be 100% recycled.

Green core

According to the landscape architect, Hanneke Kijne the garden is a green oasis, in contrast to the harsh and industrial quays. Besides using two mature trees, Hosper made sure the garden has enough usable earth on top of the parking garage. The greenery is year-round colourful and attracts bees, butterflies and birds. And most important: the inviting ‘living’ garden can be used by children, parents and the elderly.



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