IJburg Triangle


urban plan and architecture on a triangle shaped plot for housing and care

Amsterdam, NL

38 commercial apartments
17 rental apartments
42 apartments for social housing
2800 m² care facility
Client: De Alliantie



Baak 54

On this challenging, triangular  site in Amsterdams new town IJburg, Arons en Gelauff have designed a block of housing. Three volumes with different housing typologies are carefully positioned on the plot. The high rise tower accentuates the location of the future bridge connection the centre island of IJburg.

The higher parts of the project consist of a range of apartments and duplexes, both rental and sale. The sharp end of the project houses a home for children that need assistive care. Its balconies at the tips of the floors are supported by a tree-shaped steel construction that allows for the hanging of swings and hammocks.

The blocks masses are unified through horizontal strips of concrete with bamboo imprint, the use of a soft-toned brick and window frames the colour of champagne.

Different shapes of balconies lend identity and give rhythm to each individual block.



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