Chain Cooperation


social housing complex in a parc


Leiden, NL

42 apartments
16 build parkingplaces
Client: Portaal
Contractor: ERA Contour
photo's: Luuk Kramer

completion: 2013

Nieuw Leyden, Leiden, NL

Block 7

The project is part of a new housing area next to the city centre.This housing block ends a field of single-family houses and stands as a free object in a new to built park. The programme asks for 42 social housing apartments and 20 parking places. Special feature of this building is the sculptural balcony facade on the south side of the building.

Because of it’s their kinked form different residence places. By shifting the position of the sitting area, the balconies always have a double-height there.

The volume is divided into seven layers of horizontal bands. As a result, the relatively high building is balanced in relation to its surroundings. The bands connect the various elements in the building (gallery, balconies and brick walls). The horizontal bands at the height of the floors are coloured green, both in brick and glass. Above the green bands we use light gray brickwork and clear glass. The gallery wall is covered with metallic mustard-coloured panels.
On the ground floor the building is half buried in the park. At the head of the block is the main entrance, right under the monumental staircase that designed with open brickwork. Parking is just like the other blocks in Nieuw Leyden on the ground floor level.

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