Green Urbanity


Three urban villa's in a beatiful green setting

Amsterdam, NL

3 urban villas
48 apartments
51 parking places

completed: 2007


Amsterdam, NL


These three small residential towers are carefully placed on the former site of a school, the Pieter Calland College. The existing trees form the basis for the urban plan. In order to retain as much as possible of the wonderful green character of the area, parking is semi-submerged beneath the towers, creating an elevated ground floor. The part of the parking garage protruding from under the buildings will provide a terrace for the dwellings.

Two spacious penthouses are situated on the uppermost floors. The intermediate storeys are composed of four compact apartments for starters per storey. The façades consist of prefab concrete floor edges with alternating glass fronts and coloured panels with patterned glass. The three towers are identical with the exception of the uppermost storey. The different shapes of the penthouses ensure enough variety to give each building its own character.


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