Fifties revisited


mix of social and market housing in a postwar district of Rotterdam

Rotterdam, NL

phase 1:
104 gallery apartments, 30 healthcare
28 parking spaces
phase 2:
73 apartments, high rise
and 20 single family houses
parking garage with 95 spaces
client: Woonstad Rotterdam

completion: 2012 of phase 1
phase 2 postponed

Rotterdam Overschie, NL


Blijvenburg lies between the old city center of the village Overschie and the water of the river Schie. This beautiful place is bathed in green. It’s organization follows the urban planning rules of the reconstruction: light, air and space. The existing buildings are growing too old and the dwellings are too small by today’s standards, but the greenery and the organization is beautiful. Our goal is to maintain these qualities within a contemporary design. The municipality found it important as well that the character of the reconstruction be maintained: a beautiful green area along the Schie, with buildings in the form of strokes, parallel to the water.

Kinked Strokes

On the site of the new Blijvenburg stood a flat building with ten stories. We designed a building with two strokes of five stories each, with their galleries pushed together to form a beautiful and inviting courtyard. By bending each building slightly in the middle the courtyard becomes an exciting and dynamic space. The elevator and stairs are located at the bend. The galleries are situated around the courtyard on the interior, living rooms and balconies are located on the exterior, oriented to the green spaces between the buildings. The main entrance lies between the buildings on the Blijvenburg street.


A courtyard that can be closed at night provides a safe and social environment where neighbors can meet. The galleries are wide enough to provide a place to sit, and on the ground floor is a communal courtyard. Next to the main entrance are two meeting rooms for the care institutes De Compaan and Stichting Laurrents. At the end of the building facing the 2e Hogebanweg is the entrance to the parking garage, which is at ground level but is enclosed within storage rooms and living units. Above the garage is a terrace for the assisted care units.


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