Courtyard Dwellings



Amsterdam Funenpark, NL

8 dwellings from 105 to 155 m²
bicycle storage

landscape architect: Hosper Landschaps Architecten
contractor: VINK BOUW
images: COLORDOT

start construction: spring 2016

Amsterdam Funenpark, NL


This project for eight family houses lies near the Funenpark in the city centre of Amsterdam.

These dwellings will be built on the ground of a demolished warehouse which was used as a workspace and studio for a media company. The hidden and enclosed space between the warehouse and a former school, now an apartment building, reminds us of the typical Amsterdam courtyards from the Middle Ages. The new intimate courtyard is designed together with Hosper Landscape Architecture and the inhabitants of the school.

With a special eye for scale, material and orientation, the new dwellings are carefully fitted in its context. The facade is pushed back five meters compared to the old outline, to create more distance between the houses and the school.

To increase privacy, we created a ‘hood’ which is used horizontally and vertically. The facade keeps its maximum transparency, while preventing an obliquely insight. Another advantage of this hood is its protection from direct sunlight. It is also possible to grow plants alongside this hood. This will enforce the green character of the courtyard.

The dwellings have a simple layout. This gives the opportunity for the inhabitants to make some adjustments to their liking.

In close collaboration with the owners of the warehouse and the contractor, VINK BOUW, this plan was developed in a team.


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