architectural design for a mixed use high rise block with offices and dwellings

Amsterdam, NL

4000 m² office floor
103 social rental apartments, 83 mid-rental apartments, 71 private sector dwellings.

designed in collaboration with Basic City A+U

client: Synchroon
engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek
installation consultancy company: Hiensch Engineering
building physics consultancy company: Blonk Advies

Bullewijk Amsterdam, NL

Amstel III

The prospect of Bullenwijks’ office district will undergo a major transformation from monofunctional office area to a more appealing residential-work area The Hondsrugweg that connects the Arena to the A9/IKEA, will be converted into a park with high-rise buildings on each side. Developed by Synchroon, Brisk is one of the first projects in the area and has been designed by Arons and Gelauff Architects in collaboration with Basic City A+U.

Brisk is part of the Amstel III development plan that was drawn up by West 8 in collaboration with the municipality and various developers. A spectacular image of high residential towers and office buildings will appear along the Hondsrug park. With its ensemble of five buildings divided into two blocks, Brisk merges itself within this image. As a result of one large-scale block adjacent to the park, a buffer is formed which creates an intimate and atmospheric courtyard.

According to architect Floor Arons; “The plan of West 8 expresses a fairly rigorous parceling in combination with a high density of houses. One of the challenging starting points for the design of the volumes was the integration of a variety of homes on all scales and having them work together as a whole. By opting for a nuanced and calm material palette, the fairly large differences in scale come together.”

The three-layered plinth along the Hondsrug park offers around 4000 m2 office space. The office forms the base on which three volumes are stacked. These will provide for 83 mid-rental apartments and 71 private sector apartments. Along the so-called “cross street” two buildings will house 103 social rental apartments. Both building entrances create an open passage to the car-free courtyard. Around the free-flowing shaped landscape design by Lodewijk Baljon one can find another 11 family houses with beautiful, open front door garden.

Through the use of a characteristic façade material, an ensemble with an unambiguous appearance was created. “Wavy vertical ceramic panels provide for tactility, reflection and depth in the façade which in turn creates a pleasant residential character in Bullenwijk.” With a subtle wink by the architects themselves, also referred to as ‘corduroy-cladding.’

The multifunctional urban Amstel-III district clearly highlights that the aspects of greenery, living and working can coexist at high density without conflicting each other. A much needed prospect to meet the large housing shortage in Amsterdam and for other urban areas in the Netherlands which in future will be confronted with the same concerning issue.

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