BREEAM outstanding


exhibit for a sustainable residential tower

Amsterdam, NL

4 artist dwellings (140 m²)
45 apartments (110 - 360 m²)

120 m² commercial space
310 m² studio's
250 m² sculpture garden

58 parking spaces

bouwbedrijf de Nijs

advisor sustainability:

advisor construction:
Van Rossum

Amstelkwartier Amsterdam, NL

BREEAM outstanding

What Tesla Model S has done for driving, is what our proposal means for building. Sustainability must also be beautiful! Integrating sustainability in architecture makes this tower unique.

In this design with a double facade sustainability goals, building physics and qualitity of life are equally well integrated. We bring solar panels and architecture in an unique marriage. On each storey the facades lean slightly outwards to create a roof which can be used for solar panels.

Each house receives a one meter wide solar plant. With this simple idea, we provide the building with approximately 1,800 m2 of solar panels. The integration of the panels gives the tower an unique architecture and an elegant silhouette. This project aims for BREEAM “outstanding”, the highest possible score.

We introduce a climate facade of full glass with rounded corners. This gives the tower a soft form. The facade is vertically placed under an angle, thus avoiding reflections from the sky and making the facade more transparrant. This makes the second layer of the tower, which is made out of wood, more visible and connected with the surroundings.

The plinth of the project has a a more special interpretation of the higher residential facades.

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