Silos Zeeburg


winning entry for a cultural reuse of sewage silo's.

Amsterdam, NL

4000 m² museum, in two abandoned sewage tanks.
Including theater,
cinema, restaurant.
Rooftop playground
with trademark Schmidt giraffe slide

Client: De Alliantie/AM
interior: Thisisjane

Completion: project is postponed

Zeeburgereiland Amsterdam, NL

Annie M.G. Schmidt Huis

Two former sewage treatment silos in Amsterdam are scheduled to be renovated and in our plan receive a new function as a multifunctional cultural house, bearing the name of the Netherland’s most famous childrens’ book author, Annie M.G. Schmidt. The building’s plan allows the various programs to function completely independently of one another. This makes it possible for all of the center’s various functions to entertain visitors simultaneously, and ensures that the silos are intensively used in the evenings as well as during the day. Different rooftop functions and skins provide each of the silos with its own identity. One silo has a steel sheath perforated with text, which at night is illuminated from behind. The silo’s rooftop restaurant provides a panoramic view of the entire city. The other silo, whose programs don’t require daylight, is covered with ivy and has a large rooftop playground, which is connected to the other silo’s rooftop restaurant.

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