De Nieuwe Seneca


Multi functional building with school, care and restaurant

Confuciusplein, Geuzenveld, Amsterdam, NL

3000 m2 of school
5800 m2 of care
1000 m2 of commercial space
underground parking
Client: Stadsdeel West and Stadgenoot

Amsterdam Geuzenveld, NL

De Nieuwe Seneca

The Confucius Square in Geuzenveld is to be completely renovated, as part of the Western garden city urban renewal plan. De Nieuwe Seneca (The New Seneca) is a keystone: a multi-functional accommodation, including facilities for care and education. The building is to have a central position in the district and on the square.

De Nieuwe Seneca must become a house for the whole neighbourhood. Thus the building has active elevations on all sides, without back or side walls. It also forms a link between Confucius Square and Seneca Street; you can already see the central facade from far away. The neighbourhood restaurant will be located on the square next to the central hall, with a terrace in the summer. The Immanuel School playgrounds will be situated on the Seneca Street side, as well as the entrance for the middle and upper school. All automobile movement takes place here and it is also the entrance to the parking garage.

To promote the opportunities for communal use, we have located all the special functions such as the auditorium and gymnasium in the heart of the building. In the winter, the neighbourhood restaurant would be able to create a terrace in the auditorium.

A large section of the building will obtain a function relating to care in one way or another. The neighbourhood restaurant will be located on the ground floor in the north part, directly on the central auditorium. Physiotherapy and the large care room are to be situated on the first floor. The paramedical treatment centre and the first of four residential groups for the elderly with dementia are on the second floor. The centre for day care and treatment are on the ‘care terrace’ upon the auditorium on layer 3. The care hotel, arranged around the atrium, is to be located on the upper two layers. Rather more self-sufficient housing for the physically handicapped elderly will be located in the upper three layers of the Southern section.

The child cluster, the Immanuel School, the crèche and the after-school care as well as the pre-school are to be situated in the Southern section of the building. The classrooms for the pre-school, the lower primary forms and the crèche will be located on the ground floor by the exterior walls. In between these, the games hall, two games rooms and a number of spaces for sanitary facilities are located. The separate entrance for the intermediate and upper forms in the school will be on the first floor. In the central auditorium immediately opposite the entrance, is the large room that can be linked up to the large room belonging to the care section.

We have chosen raised floors incorporating all pipes and cables so that the building can be used in other ways in the future. This allows for altering each space’s arrangement and purpose, without this having consequences for the space situated below.
We have proposed a sustainable energy concept with a combination of heat/cold storage and district heating. This entails the distribution of heat (and cooling!) through activating the concrete core activation and always guarantees the need for warm tap water at peak times.

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