50.000 logements


invited competition for 144 apartments

Bordeaux, FR

144 apartments
144 parking places

in cooperation with Bandapar
landscape architect: BplusB
client: LA FAB
developer: Nacarat

Résidence du Lac Bordeaux, France

144 ways of living

This project for Residence du Lac is part of the competition ‘50.000 houses’ organized by the community of greater Bordeaux, La FAB. The project was designed in collaboration with Bandapar Architects and developer Nacarat. The aim is to built affordable housing along the new lines of the Bordeaux tramway system. An other objective is to built fast and adaptable. Two plots in a typical sixties neighbourhood, bordering the famous Lac of Bordeaux are flanked by two huge housing projects: Les Aubiers and Residence du Lac.

The strategy developed is to insert seven adaptable blocks in a very precise manner. This delivers a new ensemble, that unifies the site and creates an ensemble ‘light’. The mplementation of a new axis, the ‘Mail’, creates a connection between the tram stop and the new park of Eco Area Ginko.

The housing blocks are designed in a prefabricated concrete system that allows for many different configurations in housing typology. The blocks can be oriented north-south or east-west by pivoting around the main staircase. The blocks are lifted form the ground to allow for an open and transparent ground floor. It serves for parking, entrances and extra facilities. In addition it delivers a continuity in landscape. The differentiation in typologie generates a lively range of facades. Each typology generates it’s own size in balcony. Hanging from the prefab skeleton, these steel balconies generate a lively view with different shades of green. The facades are white colored panels to blend in the environment.

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